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    Crystal Admix HD is the latest cutting edge concrete waterproofing technology that has received the CE and BBA Certificate No 18/5572 for Concrete Aqua Guard Ltd

About Concrete Aqua Guard

Crystal Admix HD is the fourth generation waterproofing admixture that has received the CE mark and the BBA Certificate no.18/5572 for Crystal Admix HD.

As Concrete Aqua Guard Ltd continue to develop and expand the market for the Concrete Aqua Guard range of products, more key decision makers are choosing this new innovative range of products on the basis of cost savings and performance benefits in a fast moving industry that demands success immediately.

With over twenty years of experience in the Irish, UK, EU, and worldwide markets, Padraig (EU & Worldwide market) and Seamus Carr (UK market) have improved on existing technologies and have full confidence that whichever Concrete Aqua Guard product you choose for your application will perform and succeed best – as our already satisfied customer base will testify.

Allow us the opportunity to introduce our innovative products to improve your company performance and gain more contracts.

Yours sincerely
Padraig Carr
Managing Director